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Some Frequently Asked Questions about Clerk Magistrate hearing

  1. When do you need to face a clerk magistrate hearing?

A clerk magistrate hearing is initiated when there is a misdemeanour case where the police was not a witness and the clerk needs to find out a reason to find a probable cause to suspect you for committing the crime. You need to attend the clerk magistrate hearing without being arrested. The clerk goes through the police report and there may be a witness to testify against you.

  1. What should you do in such case?

You are supposed to testify yourself after being put under oath. Each word you utter is of great importance as they are recorded and may provide a link to something against you. Thus, a Boston Attorney should be hired by you to be present at the clerk magistrate hearing and speak on your behalf.

  1. Why do you need a criminal lawyer?
  • As any word you say or even your silence may go against you in the future proceedings, you need a criminal lawyer to speak on your behalf to take measured steps and defend you.
  • An experienced lawyer may even avoid the charges on you during the hearing.
  • A criminal lawyer can explain your side of the story and explain why you should not be charged in the most effective way.
  • Presence of a criminal lawyer even when the police interrogate his client provides support to his client not to leak out evidences which can be used against him.
  1. How can you suffer if you don’t have a criminal attorney?

-As the clerk magistrate’s hearing does not involve arrest, you may be simply asked to visit the police for interrogation. If you’re not prepared about what to say, this may push you into more trouble during the hearing. Even the silence can be misinterpreted in the police report. As the police reports are merely written down by police instead of recording. The statements made by you can be twisted against you. To avoid this you need to have a criminal attorney by your side even during the interrogation.

  1. How can Frank Fernandez Help you in clerk magistrate hearing?
  • Frank Fernandez is an experienced criminal attorney and can present your side of the story in your favour. He can put forward the reasons to avoid the charges on you. He can support you during police interrogation to avoid twisting of the words that you say or do not say.
  1. Why should you choose Frank Fernandez over other lawyers?
  • Frank Fernandez is an experienced clerk magistrate lawyer in Boston, who has successfully convinced the clerk magistrate several times to dismiss the charges on his client. Frank Fernandez has established himself as a reputed lawyer in Boston and you can find a thousand people vouching his professionalism as well as credibility in the field of law. He has been serving the community for years as a District Attorney in the City of St. Louis before entering private practice. He is known for his criminal defence.

As a clerk magistrate hearing does not involve arrest, it may appear in the most unexpected way. The wisest decision is to call up a criminal attorney when you are called for a police interrogation.