3 Types of Bail You Should Know About

You might wonder why you would ever need to know about bail. In reality, you just never know when someone close to you might be arrested and find themselves in need of a way to get out of jail. As you might know, a person charged with a crime does not always have to stay in jail until a trial takes place. There is often a way to be released pending trial, but certain conditions must first be met. One of those is usually bail, which is cash paid to the court to help guarantee that the individual will show back up as scheduled. Here are three of the many types of bonds that are often requested.

A Cash Bond

A cash bond is exactly as it sounds. In cases where a minor crime has been committed, the court may just ask for a small amount of money. If you have this available, it is paid directly to the court and then the individual is released pending his or her next court appearance. This whole process can be completed inside of a few hours.

Released on Personal Recognizance

There are actually times when bail is not set at all. If a person has no criminal record, and the crime they are accused is considered to be relatively minor, a release may granted on the basis of personal recognizance. When this happens, certain conditions will be set that need to be met. If they are not, then the person can be returned to jail pending trial.

A Secured Property Bond

There are times when bail is set quite high and you do not have the cash that is required. For this, you may need to use bail bonds muskingum county oh. This is a way to use your property as security against the bail, allowing the person to get out of jail in the meantime.

While there are certainly other types of bail that can be imposed, these are the most commonly cited. Depending on the nature of the crime and the criminal history of the accused, bail may be set or low. It is then up to the accused and people close to him or her to determine how to meet bail and be returned home.