Categories of Civil Litigation Explained By Dan DeKoter

Life always has some or the other glitches, whether it is your corporate front or your personal front, you will definitely experience some kind of dispute. Especially when it comes to business of any kind, big or small, they will surely be issues of some kind with other companies. This is something that can be classified as a case of civil litigation, and Dan DeKoter is an experienced attorney in such cases.

But in order to file a civil litigation case you need to first know thoroughly about it, this is where the help of an attorney comes of great help. A civil litigation is an almost inevitable occurrence within the life span of your corporate life, even if it is as trivial as a transaction issue with another, it isbest that you be prepared for such circumstances by educating yourself on the subject with the help of able lawyers.

Not every attorney can assist you with all sorts of cases, therefore you further need to know the areas in which a litigation lawyer such as Dan DeKoter who serves in Osceola County, can help you out. For instance, such a lawyer can help you in resolving cases of purchase and sales contract breeches. In case you are facing issues with purchasing company property or in trading, a civil litigation attorney will help you settle all the legal issues pertaining to it very competently.

Service and supply contract breeches, disputes between shareholders and partners, issues with trademark, treachery or fraud cases, as well as any kind of concern about real estate can be easily handled by this kind of lawyers. Whether it is purchase of real estate or rental disputes, you can take the help of a civil litigation attorney to represent your case in the court.

Civil litigation cases are quite different from the criminal cases, in a way that in a civil case you do not get any attorney by the court to represent your case, which you can get in a criminal case. The reason for this is that in a civil litigation the judgment never includes imprisonment, which the other does and so the victim has to pay the fees of the attorney by him/herself.

The proceedings of a civil litigation involves a few stages, in which the first stage is where one of the involved party approaches a civil litigation attorney. On hearing the case, the attorney carries out his little investigation to look for claims for merit. After this a written document is sent to the other party sharing with them the date of appearing in the court. Followed by this is the sharing of the evidences that either party intends to produce in the court; if at this stage one of the involved feels that his case is weak in comparison to the other, can offer to resolve the matter outside court, which is known as ‘settlement’. However, if both are convinced their case is strong then they go in for a pre-trial followed by a trial and then finally the judgment.