GM Law Firm, End Creditor Harassment for Good

Having debt that’s difficult to pay off is bad enough. It’s even worse when creditors keep irritating you with several phone calls every day. You wonder if there’s a way for them to stop so that you can have some peace and pay off your debt whenever you can. Fortunately, there is a way by reaching out to GM Law Firm. GM Law Firm is able to make arrangements so that creditors speak to an attorney instead of you.

Examples of Creditor Harassment

Before you contact GM Law Firm, it’s crucial for you to know about specific types of creditor harassment so that you can act:

  • Abusive/Profane Behavior-Swearing at you, predicting a bad fate, rubbing your mistakes in your face
  • Threatening to garnish wages even though it can’t occur until creditor pursues litigation and obtains a judgment prior to garnishing wages
  • Threatening to send you to jail for being behind on debt payments
  • Making four phone calls in one hour and/or making 26 calls over a two-month period
  • Calling without mentioning they’re collecting a debt
  • Pretending to be an attorney
  • Giving false information about your debt, such as lying about the payment amount or its legal status
  • Threatening to repossess something illegally

Learn About Your Rights

There are three acts related to combating debt collector harassment: the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The FDCAP was created to stop creditor harassment by regulating specific types of creditor behavior. While it doesn’t apply to business debts, it does cover personal loans and any unsecured loans like credit card debt and student loans. Under this law, debt collectors can’t call on holidays. The Fair Credit Report Act mandates that credit reporting agencies ensure that a consumer’s information is complete and accurate. It also forbids a creditor from stating that someone’s debt is delinquent without mentioning that said account is being disputed. The TCPA regulates the use of prerecorded messages and auto dialers. If debt collectors or creditors violate the rules, they’re hit with hefty fines.

Let GM Law Firm Take Your Creditor Calls

You can reach out to an attorney to assist you with your debt issues so that you don’t have to talk with creditors ever again. GM Law Firm attorneys are more than happy to negotiate with credit card companies and banks to find a helpful solution for you.