How to Qualify for Spousal Support

If you are going through a divorce, then it can be an overwhelming experience. It is hard to make the transition from being married to single. You can reach further roadblocks when determining how to survive financially. Read on to find out how to qualify for spousal support Hillsborough county payments.

Earning Capacity

The judge has to consider who was earning money in the marriage. Some households have both spouses working outside of the home. In others, you have one spouse working out of the home and one spouse that take care of the home. If you are a house wife, then the judge still expects you to make an income.

The judge has to consider you ability to make a living. He or she also has to determine how soon you can make a steady income. If you do not have a job, then your judge may temporary grant alimony. However, you will have a deadline to finish school or get a job.

Contribution to the Relationship

Each person plays a role in a marriage. One person may stay at home and raise the children. The other spouse may provide for the family. The judge is going to ask for your contribution when you ask for alimony. When ruling on alimony, he or she will consider how important your role was in the relationship.

Length of the Marriage

The misconception is that any spouse can get alimony. However, the duration of your marriage is a factor in this decision. A judge is going to consider how you were married. If you want in the marriage less than a year, then you are more likely to not get alimony. A spouse who has years in a marriage is more likely to get support.

It helps to talk to a lawyer and to start gathering your evidence for court. The judge will consider different factors from the amount of debt to shared businesses. However, you should keep things cordial with your spouse. When your marriage ends, it is time to focus on self. This time should be used to figure out how to provide for your household.