Investigating the Crime Scene With Adam Quirk

No society is devoid of crime, be it a village, a county, a state or a country, the same kind of crime is witnessed at all places. The government of these areas, however, tries to bring a control over the various types of crime through their legal systems. Adam Quirk is a part of that criminal justice system; he is a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and has previously served the USIS as well.

The investigation of a crime is not a very easy thing, there are a lot little details that have to be taken care of and not even every investigator is an expert in the process. An expert investigator such as Adam Quirk is something that the government would desire. He has managed to gather accolades for the relentless and outstanding performance in solving crimes. He was appointed as the investigating officer just after the 9/11 attacks on America and was responsible for conducting background checks on the Air Marshal candidates to ascertain whether they were eligible to carry out the high-level security clearances.

It was based on his recommendations post his investigations on the situations that Air Marshals were recruited and given the charge to protect the country from further terrorist attacks. Seeing his unmatched excellence in the field he was then hired by the DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration, where he was appointed as the Diversion Investigator. Here too he amazed everyone by his state of the art investigations which led to the exposing of several physicians conducting illegal sales of prescription drugs.

It is in being erudite about crime and criminal justice that Adam Quirk has been able to gather such praises, his expanse of wisdom on the subject is quite evident from the blogs he writes. It is not just the knowledge that he gained from the books, but more of the experiences he has had over the years that make him an expert in criminal investigation.

Based on his information the criminal justice system is basically a set of agencies which are established by the governments in order to exercise control over the rate of crime in any particular place. This very system also imposes penalties on the accused if found guilty and violate the law. However, he urges one and all to avoid making a mistake between criminology and criminal justice. While criminology is focused more on the causes of the crime and the cost of investigating it; criminal justice focuses on the systems regarding the criminals and their behaviors.

Every place has its own jurisdiction and based on them the criminals are penalized after being caught. Among the numerous extremely high-tech equipments that are used to investigate a crime, the fingerprint still plays a pivotal role. Though it is a tough task for the investigators to collect proper authentic fingerprints from the scene of crime yet the fact that the kind of light a fingerprint can throw in the investigation of any case is remarkable.

With the advancement of technology several novel methods of criminal investigation are being brought to the fore, with the hope that someday crime will be uprooted completely.