Should You Worry About Losing Your Job When Filing a Work Accident Claim?

One of the reasons why a lot of people who have suffered a work-related injury don’t complain about it is because they are afraid of losing their job. They would rather keep their mouth shut and bear the pain along with the expenses than losing their source of livelihood.

This is true especially for big corporations with strict policies regarding the payment of work-related expenses. Most of these companies hate labour unions because they empower employees to take a strong stance against them. You can only imagine what their actions are in regard to employees who say something against them or file complaints due to work-related injuries.

Most companies pretend that they care and offer a small amount to pay for the medical expenses. In exchange, they expect the employees to shut up and pretend nothing happened. Unfortunately, this amount won’t even begin to cover the total medical costs.

If you have suffered from an accident at work, don’t be afraid to file a claim. Legally, the companies are not supposed to fire you for doing such an action. You are the victim of an accident and they must be supportive of you. Since you are already a burden and they think about how much they have to pay you in the end, they will find a way to legally fire you.

Fears about losing your job because of your complaint are totally reasonable. This does not mean you have to stop fighting and just keep quiet.

You can find personal injury solicitors to help you. They will be there to fight with you and make the company pay for what they have done. They are responsible not only for the medical costs but other expenses as well. You might not even fully recover from the injury. You might not find another job that pays you as well. From the time of the accident until full recovery, you would have lost a huge amount of money.

When filing a claim, the company will surely send their own strong legal team. However, you are on the right side, so this should not intimidate you. As long as you have evidence and witnesses to corroborate your claim, you have nothing to worry about.

For sure, they will not drag you to court as this could just make things worse for them. They want this to go away as soon as possible. They will try shutting you up by paying you or sitting with you at the table for a negotiation. Make sure the entire cost is covered so that even if you lose your job, you are good.

When you file, for example, an accident at work claim in Gloucestershire, you might need to go through a lot. With the best lawyers by your side, you will feel confident to just keep fighting.