What are the Dangers the Driver and the Passengers are Facing With DWI?

Road accidents are increasing and there are many injuries being reported in the past few months. One of the most common reason is driving under the influence of alcohol. Motorcycle riders are the topmost involved in the accidents. Most of them are drunk and are positive of DWI. Most drivers are unaware of the possibilities that can happened when they are drunk while driving. Perhaps, due to lack of awareness or first-hand experiences that is why they are not extra careful about it. Sadly, not only drunk drivers’ lives are endangered but also the passengers and even other motorists too. Due to the increasing rate of DWI accidents, authorities are extra careful in catching drivers and implementing road checkpoints. To give the drivers awareness, in this article we will discuss the possible dangers they are facing.

1.    Impairment

Every driver has different tolerance of alcohol but when one reach 0.02 level, there will be impairment. It will cause the driver’s ability to see and think more clearly than usual. That is why in a drinking session, most drivers limit their intake of beers up to two cans only. That is when hey know their limitations, but sadly, not all are responsible drivers. Most accidents that involve DWI have teen drivers that came from beer drinking session and sad to say, some are not eve licensed. Fortunately, one can hire a Houston DWI defense attorney to defend the case if there is a filed complaint.

2.    High Risks of Crashing

Since the decide-ability is low, a drunk driver is more likely to crash the vehicle into something such as a tree, barricade, building, post, or even to another vehicle. When this happened, not only the driver’s life is in risk but also the people inside the vehicle and the civilians that can be crashed into.

3.    Severe Injury

Most drivers during the crash have severe injuries and commonly happened in legs or in the head. Some cases make the driver entirely bedridden as some accidents can hit the spine. Some causes head trauma that cause internal hemorrhage and other complications.

4.    Death

When worst comes to worst, death will take place if the driver is under the influence of alcohol. Many cases involved death, either the driver, the passenger, or a civilian that is included in the accident. Sadly, this is happening almost every day in the different parts of the world since there are lots of irresponsible drivers that are stubborn.

Since driving is a huge responsibility, one must be able to follow the road rules to avoid accidents. Not only your life is in danger but also the lives of the passengers, and other civilians too. It is hard to cope up when lose has tack place so better be safe than never. Always make sure to avoid drinking and driving. If you are drunk, take a rest and drive the next day instead.