Why You Should Hire a Social Security Lawyer

Social Security is a wonderful government program that is there to pay you an income once you are retired or disabled. This program will also pay out to your spouse, survivors and independent children when you pass away. If you are disabled, you will not be able to work and will need income to help get you by and this is why Social Security is there. However, it can be extremely difficult to get Social Security and most people have to apply several times or hire a lawyer to get help. 

Hiring a Social Security Lawyer 

If you have applied for disability in the past, you quickly found out that the process is extremely difficult. Hiring a Social Security lawyer Chicago IL can help you when you plan to file. If you have already filed, a lawyer can help you. If you have been denied for whatever reason, a lawyer can help you to appeal the process. The lawyer can help you to apply and ensure that you get the compensation that you need. 

The Social Security Process

When you put in your application for Social Security, you will be asked a mirage of questions. These include questions about your health and your work experience. To prove that you are disabled, you will have to have your medical records and you may be required to go through a variety of different doctors in order to prove your ailments. Even then, you may still be denied. The Social Security office denies over 75 percent of claims. If you get denied, it can be frustrating, and you may feel like giving up. Instead of giving up, you will want to hire a lawyer that is well experienced in the world of Social Security. While you can hire any lawyer, and most can help you with your claim, you will want to hire one that is well experienced in dealing with these claims. They will know all the ins and outs of the process. 

The Process

Once you hire your lawyer, they will compile all of your information, including medical records, work records and anything else that is required. If you have not started the application process, they will help you through the entire process and handle all the communication with the office. They will work hard to ensure that you are approved for disability. One of the concerns you may have is that you may not be able to afford the fees that you will incur when using a lawyer. Most lawyers that handle these types of cases will not charge you until your case has been won. By then, you will have the money to pay them. Most lawyers also offer a free consultation to go over your case. 

Do not try to apply for Social Security benefits yourself. You may have trouble applying and miss things that will help you. Hire a reputable lawyer that has a lot of experience in this field and before you know it, your case will be won, and you will be collecting a monthly check.