Your New Normal – A DUIs Impact

Unfortunately, there are many lessons in life that are learned through hindsight. People rarely consider their future when they are making bad choices, but underestimate the impact one wrong move can have. Being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) is one mistake that can oftentimes predetermine how successful the rest of your life plays out. Of course, it generally boils down to the severity of the charge and how many times it has happened before. It also depends on the state you are in that determines what price you will need to pay; however, it is not easy to recover from getting charged with a DUI. Here are three things that will challenge you should you ever acquire a drunk driving charge.

Need a place to live? Good luck!

If you are in the market for a new place to live, proceed with caution. Someone who has a felony or misdemeanor sitting on their record is frequently denied. Background checks are very common among complexes and landlords. It can be especially stressful getting approved for a place to live if you have a family. It is becoming increasingly easier for those with a criminal history to get approved for housing; however, if the crime on file is one that could pose a threat to the surrounding community, it may be rejected. Regardless, having a DUI charge on your record may keep you from having a nice roof over your head.

Scoring a job goes beyond good skill.

There are many places of employment that are becoming more lenient of past convictions if you do so happen to be considered a felon. Each State has its own measures as to what it takes to achieve felon status. If you have a DUI charge on your record, there may be a lower chance that you are eligible to work a government job. Hourly wage places, like fast food or grocery store jobs, are typically more accepting of people with a record. A DUI charge can certainly stunt your ability to find a decent job. Employers may see the charge as a sign as negligence, irresponsibility, or immaturity. Though it is not impossible to get a job with a criminal history, it is definitely more challenging.

Being a passenger will be your new normal.

Having a DUI charge on your record has the potential to be a huge burden and affect certain things in your everyday life. Each state is unique in how they determine punishments. Having your driver’s license revoked is one of the many ways that you may pay the price regardless of the state. Not only can you lose your privilege to drive and become dependent on public transportation, but you also lose your right to vote. A DUI Lawyer at your defense may be able to prevent license suspension depending on the severity of a violation. In the case that your driver’s license is suspended outside of your home state, the Interstate Driver’s License Compact protects the right to abide by the state’s laws of which you were charged. Regardless, license suspension is a huge deal and can hinder many things.

Driving under the influence is a bigger deal than one might realize. All of the things you might take for granted on a regular day can be stripped away from you so quickly; Privileges like the ability to get housing, a job, or even the ability to drive. Hiring a DUI lawyer seriously helps your case and may even help you get a portion of your privileges back. If you have been charged with a DUI and need a professional at your defense. Don’t risk your future.